Over bought markets YES
Stand in front of the train NO

Corn and soybeans closed Higher each day last week.
How High???
Harvest slowed down but should pickup by Tuesday this week again.

China still buying. Rally to slow demand??

If your in that harvest delay areas go VOTE then. Trump is the man NOT the “Come on Man”

How will markets handle the election only time will tell.
I will still say reward this rally with some sales.
Can always buy back on pullbacks.

S.A. has had some rain which should help them with plantings.

World demand could be the BIG story for commodities. Covid19 expanding now World wide again. Countries don’t want to be in short supply this time of materials and food.

I won’t be shocked to see a break. The market needs a break.

I am feeling like Joe Biden that soon I won’t know what I’m saying or making any sense.

BE Safe